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Day 13: 11 September

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We continued our Scenic drive from San Simeon to San Francisco. We went off for a not so good start..  why? … fog.. lots of fog. You could not see a thing except the road. It was so cold we had to stop so I could change to my short pants with a normal one and put on a vest…. Read more »

Day 12: 10 September

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After a good night sleep and breakfast at a Super 8 motel we took our car for a long drive. Our goal of today was to start the Highway One Scenic Drive to San Francisco. We had to drive to the coast first. To get there we had to drive through vineyards  and pumpjacks. After enjoying a sandwich at a… Read more »

Day 11: 9 September

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It was time to spend our last day in the national parks. On the agenda: Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park. We started the day with the same as I did ten years ago: visiting the tree General Grant. Afterwards I wanted to lead Stefan to a nice panoramic point. The road was steep and very narrow and at the… Read more »

Day 10: 8 September

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Today was an exciting day. We planned to visit the national park Yosemite. Currently there is an outbreak of the Hantavirus that resulted in the deaths of three people. Stefan and I decided just to go and see what would happen at the entrance. Well… a leaflet with information. As long you stayed away from a certain type of mouse,… Read more »

Day 8 and 9: 6 and 7 September

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We had again a busy day ahead of us. First stop was Zion national park. I had been there 10 years ago and had fond memories of that park. I was quite curious if I would still like it. And apparently I did. The Zion canyon is just beautiful. We took the shuttle bus and stopped at a couple of… Read more »

Day 6 and 7: 4 and 5 September

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We left our motel to pay a visit to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I have been there 10 years ago. But apparently a lot has changed in the mean time! It looks like there is a new section with another rim walk and a parking lot. Lot more could be seen there. 10 years ago a lot… Read more »

Day 4 and 5: 2 and 3 September

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Today was a very important day for Our first meet and greet with composers would be held that day. In the morning I helped Stefan and Ad with setting up. Also stuff about future events were discussed. At 2 o’clock the meeting started. We were with eleven SST members and two composers namely Ryan Shore and George Shaw. This… Read more »

Day 3 – September 1

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We left the hotel early to go to the fan of film music meeting. This was a meeting for around 150 people. On the morning there was panel with composers like Bruce Broughton, Craig Safan, George S. Clinton. We could as an audience ask questions and afterwards there was a signing session with the composers. In the afternoon the same… Read more »

Day 1 en 2: 30 and 31 august

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We left thursday morning really early to Los Angeles. The flight went pretty well, a bit long as expected. After landing David was there to greet us. We picked up our rental car, went to the hotel and ate some pizza. Afterwards time to go to bed after a very long day. The next day we went to the reheasal… Read more »

Krakow film music festival day 3

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After last night I really need to take it easy in the morning so I skipped the Perfume session at 11.00. After a coffee on the market square and a quick bite we went to a session where Ray Costa, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek , Nancy Knutsen and Maggie Rotford were telling us stories from behind the scenes. The host  and our… Read more »