Day 14, 15: 12 to 13 September

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I woke up terrible that morning. A bad cold has struck me. Of course this day I had to fly to Portland to finally meet our online friends Lorna and Kim. At the airport everything went  smoothly. We returned our rental, got rid of our suitcases and got past security without any problems. I just had my first body scan..

Lorna waited for us at the airport. It was so awesome to finally meet her. She drove us to her house where we met Cindee and boyfriend Tim, Lorna’s husband Carl and Elizabeth again. We met her two weeks ago in L.A. We had a lovely dinner that Lorna had prepared and we stayed at the dinner table just talking. Until it was time to go to bed.

The next day was a big day for me. That day I would finally meet my good online friend Kim who I know now for more than 10 years.  After a very nice American breakfast we finally went to pick up Kim. I could finally gave her a real life hug that I promised many years ago! We went to Historic Columbia River Highway and visited  the Vista House Crown Point build in early last century. It  was extremely windy with an average of 40 miles an hour. But we had a lovely view of the Columbia Gorge.

Went to the Multnomah Falls first afterwards  where we walked to the bridge in the middle and afterwards Stefan, Kim and I went al the way to the top. It was a steep climb.  Kim and I even went further to another fall. We had a lovely talk while hiking, like we have known each other for years.

When we returned Stefan and I treated the group to lunch. We went for a quick view at Wahkeena falls before we went home. We had to drop off Kim at her home because she was having a very high fever. We saw her house briefly before we left for Lorna’s place where I also needed to lie down for an hour. Kim and I were apparently both sick of a dog that day…

We spend the rest of the evening in front of the TV where we ate Salmon dishes that Cindee made and burgers that Lorna also made herself. Also topics were discussed like American politics. Afterwards it was bed time. We had to get up well rested for a long flight back home.

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  1. Wits*

    How was Kim. Was she everything you expected?
    It was some coincidence you were both ill ;)
    What happend on the mountain.

    So nice to read all your big adventures. Must have been a wonderfull trip.
    Love to see all the pics when you get back.
    Have a good rest and a save flight. See you soon. (Tuesday??)
    Liefs Wits*

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