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Garden renovation

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HWH was bugging me  way too long to blog this. So here it goes. I did some garden renovation. You can view it on my picasa.  The garden is almost finished, I probably need more plants. But lets see first how the ones I have now grow. But my garden is really finished when I have my first barbecue in… Read more »

Movie review: Avatar 3D

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I was supposed to go see Avatar 3D  with my department 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I just got back from Egypt and had to stay very close to the bathroom if you know what I mean. Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the movie with friends. Also in 3D.  The 3D glasses is something I really need to get… Read more »

Review epica concert

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Below a terrible picture that I took with my Nokia 5310 . My old Samsung did a better job..

Upcoming concerts

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It has been a while for me to go to a concert. Fortunately I have two juicy ones on their way: Especially looking forward to Anneke’s concert. I seriously hope Epica is making up from their last concert in Hedon in Zwolle which was for me way to loud. (in volume not in music style ;-) ) But that can… Read more »

Being offline..

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Being offline for about a month taught me a couple of things: An ISP’s help desk does not know a thing Ranting at the help desk does work! There are  a lot of companies involved to give me and maintain my Internet (4 to be precise) Verminators on Discovery is a cool show Dirty Jobs also. I prefer Les more… Read more »

Repairing our toy plane.

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After crashing our Reely toy plane. We managed to patch it up again using Styrofeam. The nose is completely replaced. See the photos:

Playing with our fixed toy plane

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After the crash of yesterday we bought special glue. To test the glue we patched up our broken Silverlit Boeing plane . (It broke in pieces last year after 2 flights). It flies again. Nose broke after this flight, but the glue can fix that.