Movie review: Avatar 3D

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I was supposed to go see Avatar 3D  with my department 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I just got back from Egypt and had to stay very close to the bathroom if you know what I mean. Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the movie with friends. Also in 3D.  The 3D glasses is something I really need to get used to.  If you are wearing glasses yourself they can be a pain. Especially when the movie is 2+ hours.

Is it really a plus to watch a movie in 3D? I would say yes and no. It looks awesome in a lot of scenes when you pay attention. For example scenes like the jungle shots in Pandora. But when you are in a movie, you are in the movie. 2D or 3D to me it does not make a difference.

The movie itself was quite awesome. Something completely new to me.  A very good mix between animation and live acting. When you have a chance go watch it. 2D or 3D… whatever :-)