Day 4 and 5 of the Canada vacation

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Day 4

Weather: Sunny with clouds 15-19 degrees

We started the day with an horrible breakfast at the motel: a banana and a danish. The coffee was good though. Before leaving to Olympic national park we stopped at the post office across the street to deliver a package for dear friends.

When we arrived at the park we had a nice picnic. Afterwards we went for two walks. ‘Hall of Mosses’ and ‘Spruce Nature Trail’ which brought us to a nice old forest with high trees with mosses on them. A lot of the trees have fallen providing the base for new trees. Halfway one walk there was a strong river where we took a small break.

After leaving the main park we went for the beaches. There were some nice trail to a couple of them. Some were filled with locals fishing and BBQing and some were empty!

Next stop was a MacDonalds because we needed the WIFI to find a place to stay. In the town we were there was not much.. But there was a town called Oceans Shores 20 miles back. It was on a small peninsula in the ocean. We had a nice hotel at the shore with an indoor swimming pool. So after a visit to the liquor store we went for a short swim.

Day 5

Weather: Very rainy. With sometimes dry with a bit of sun. 7 degrees (near the summit) 15 degrees in the valley.

We started the day with a good breakfast! With eggs, bacon waffles yoghurt etc etc. There is always a downside though: the coffee was horrible.. HW wanted to show me something unique that he found out the day before: We drove on the beach to the sea in our car. After taking pictures we drove through Oceans Shores. We only saw villa’s that needed paint. A lot of the were for sale and we saw no people what so ever. We also so empty lots with sometimes an RV on it. Quite unique to see.

When we got bored of it we left for Mt. Rainier. It rained quite heavily when we were there. We ate our lunch in the car. When we were full it dried up a little and we took that opportunity to visit Christine Falls. There was a trail behind the fence that lead to more beautiful falls. Back in the car we drove through the snow to Paradise which was located close to the summit. And lied in the snow. Since it was cold and still raining we went for some coffee and hot coco. After taking some pictures in the rain and standing in the snow we left for Box canyon. A nice walk to a deep canyon. Before leaving the park we walked the ‘Grove of the patriarchs’ which was a nice walk through large trees. The highlight was a hanging bridge where officially only one person was allowed. All in all a good park to visit. I should return there one day when the weather is nice, so that I can actually SEE Mt. Rainier..

At the first town of civilization we parked at the MacDonalds for the WIFI. We found a nice motel around the corner with a Mexican restaurant in it. Before we ate there we first went for some gas and groceries. After an extremely good dinner (yay they left out the beans for me!) we went for some geocaching, where I found my first one. So apparently I am now officially a geocacher.

3 thoughts on “Day 4 and 5 of the Canada vacation

  1. Cindee

    Ocean Shores is a good beach town. We have been there many times. I know it surprised you that you could drive on the beach. It is always enjoyable.
    You got to see Mt. Rainer, which is more than Dutch did when I took him up there. Not sure if he believes me or not. But now you have proof!
    What little town did you find the McDonalds and WIFI? Lots of choices for sure. And a Mexican place! wow lucky.
    Thanks for the package! It arrived safely.

    Keep up the fun with gocaching. Sounds great.
    Looking for the next ones.

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