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Phone cable found! and The Gathering stuff

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As mentioned in this post I have a nice habit of losing things. One of the items was the USB cable of my mobile phone. Better not mention that it was just in the drawer were it supposed to be.. Now that I can finally show you some pictures of The Gathering. So very glad I saw their show twice… Read more »

So Cal how was The Gathering part 2

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As can be read in this post my latest The Gathering was not a success. Well last weekend we had a second chance. Wow awesome concert. Third time I heard them and they are getting better and better. I bit more guitar even than last concert. I’ll post a picture if it if I found the cable of my cellphone… Read more »

To Do list

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This is my to do list I have since a couple of years Getting my drivers licence for a motor cycle… check on 2 Feb 2006 Getting my own bike… check on 13 Feb 2006 Getting a bass guitar… … check on 19 Aug 2006 Learning to play the bass guitar…. erm working on it. :-)

Epica concert review

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I am a big fan of Epica. Epica is a dutch symphonic metal band, with lots of influences from the film music industry, which is my other musical preference. I heard them for the first time on a dutch festival in 2004. I was quite surprised by this to me unknown metal band. Now I have all their CD’s and… Read more »