Day four Tenerife and conclusion

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After the busy day yesterday, we took today more slowly. After our standard breakfast and some internet in the lobby we left to the shopping centre. We had a very large lunch at a Mexican restaurant. We shopped for dvds and cds in the Saturn. Saturn had free wifi, so there I found out that Ad has been promoted to ambassador for So I was the one who could inform him and congratulate him.  Afterwards it was time for the pool.

Before the concert we ate hamburgers with a beer. We took the taxi this time to make sure were  on time for this concert. That was a good thing. We met Umebayashi again and he asked Ad for his email address. Ad was happy the rest of the day. The concert started with a short movie: it was a parody on James Bond. The reason for this is that John Barry composed a lot of Bond scores. The next part of the concert was hommage to Bernard Herrmann. Music was played from for example 7th voyage of Simbad, Citizen Kane, The day the earth stood still and Taxi driver with a solo for saxophone.

During the break we had a chance to meet up with interested fans and other friends. We had to hand out the last business cards we had. Let us hope it will result in a couple of new active members. After the break the short Bond movie continued, and the hommage to John Barry started. Music was played from Born free, Midnight cowboy, Dances with wolves, Goldfinger, Diamonds are forever and it ended with The Lion in winter. Overall a satisfying performance.

Fortunately after the concert we had chance to say goodbye to most of our friends. A lot of them we will see again in Ghent in October!

To conclude this festival. Overall Ad and I had a good holiday were we got some things done for SST. In the evening we had nice concerts in absolutely gorgeous locations. We have spoken to a lot of people. Composers, agents, festival organizers etc etc. Unfortunately the organisation of Filmucite did not have time to speak to us about the collaboration next year. Which was one of our main goals of being there. But overall we we had a good exposure for SST and had a very good time on Tenerife. My next report will be in October in Ghent. Thanks for reading.