Day four Tenerife

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Today Ad went to the airport to collect a rental car. When he returned at the hotel we went for a drive. We took a nice mountain road to the vulcano El Teide. The journey was very cloudy/foggy but when we were above the clouds we had a nice view over the mountains. Too bad the view to the ocean was blocked by the clouds. At a visitor centre we decided to eat some lunch.

After continuing our trip we drove through a nice vulcanic landscape. We stopped at a lot of points to take pictures and go for a small walk. We ended our scenic route in Playa Las Americas, the place to be for the common tourist who is visiting Tenerife. We had beer (non-alcoholic for Ad) at the beach served by a Belgian/Dutch waiter. It was a totally different experience than we were having in Santa Cruz. It was just rare to find any local population over there, it were all tourists, while in Santa Cruz it is the other way around. Ad and I preferred Santa Cruz more ;-) Afterwards it was time to return the rental at the airport and to return to our hotel.

We ate dinner at the same place as yesterday, because they were fast yesterday with delivering our food. After dinner we met our score loving German friend Andreas and went for a quick ice-cream. That resulted in being a bit too late at the Audiatorium. Luckily we got in right before the opening. Robert Piaskowski  (director of the Krakow film music festival) and Anna (Diego’s wife) did the opening. The Polish composer Bartosz Chajdecki worked together with Diego in Krakow. During the opening he was shown on the big screen. Thanking Diego for his work in Krakow and wishing him all the luck for this concert. It was great to be reminded again about our Krakow experience.

The concert started with Umebayashi’s work. Music from House of the flying daggers, 2046, Curse of the gold flower and others were performed by a choir, orchestra, chinese percussion instruments and a lady singer. Umebayashi is a very nice friendly guy. As a bonus he writes pretty  good music. I was glad that during the break I could give him my hand and thank him for his work.

After the break it was time for Patrick Doyle’s work. Music was played from Hamlet, Much ado about nothing, Thor, Harry Potter and others. The concert was concluded with Patrick’s music from   Henry V. The audiotorium is an awesome place to hold concerts in. Overall the performance was good, Diego and the composers did an outstanding job. Afterwards we had some drinks with our new French friend Rafael we met at the concert.