Day 11 of our Canada trip

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Date: July 3, 2014
Total bear count: 5
Weather: Sunny and hot: 25 – 30 degrees

We ate stale bread for breakfast with two sacks of coffee in the machine, so the coffee was at least good!

We first did the Lake Kinney walk, because I saw in the logs that my brother and I did that as well. A very good hike, with a stunning view of the lake!

We went for Jasper. First we walked through the town and trying to find the visitor center. When we finally found it we know what we wanted to do in the park. But first two geocaches needed to be found! One was near a old fire station. The other near a parking lot. We go some groceries and went for some lunch at the Edith and Annette lakes. We took the road to Malign Canyon where I was not that impressed. Distance to the water was great and there were lots of people. Medicine Lake was a different story, what a beautiful lake. Fun fact is that it disappears under ground in autumn. So my brother and I missed it apparently in October 2001. As dessert we did a small hike to Moose Lake. What a stunning view was that: a calm lake, with trees with a mountain with snow showing on top of that…. and a lot of mosquitoes…

The road back to the already booked hotel was full of wild life. We say one bear, a couple of mountain goats and some very nice Caribou’s. When we finally had data again on the mobile we found out that we booked the wrong motel… it was in Canmore, that is like a 7 hour drive away. So time to get out the accommodation guide and do it the old fashioned way like my brother and I did in 2001. We found a nice motel, with WIFI and a microwave! So that evening we ‘cooked’ our own food.